I am a purist. I prefer silver prints with my film and digital prints with my digital photos. I don't have a specific style/theme I shoot. My selection of an image is solely based on what I want hanging on my wall that my wife won't get tired of looking at day after day. It's an image, but it is also a story. While I focus on the technical details to reproduce the image to match the one seen in my mind's eye, I enjoy the process of shooting and printing and reliving the moments leading up to that image. My images have defects; and the day I have none, I'll probably stop shooting.

I shoot 4x5 film, mostly Kodak TMAX and sometimes Rollie IR (though the film quality is terrible). I love black and white silver prints. I also shoot digital for primarily color images and travel convenience.

Documents & Articles

Photography Awards
  • First Place Award (Amateur Division) in 2010 for photo contest at McDowell Sonoral Preserve (award).