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1) Common Abbreviations used in this page:

2) I have got admission in San Diego State University and Arizona State University. I am planning to do my MS in Electrical Engineering. Which shall I choose?

3) What do I need to work on before I come?

4) What is the best course for DSP and Communication folks to start with?

5) What is GPA and credit hour? Can your explain me the education system?

6) How much money do I take and how do I carry them when I first come to USA?

7) How do I reach school and where do I stay when I land from the flight?

8) I am planning to take EEE-554 (Random Signal Theory) but EEE-554 has a pre-requisite course which is EEE-350(Random Signal Analysis). Do I need to register for EEE-350 as well? Can I register for EEE-350 and EEE-554 together in the same semester.

9) I am applying to universities in US for my MS. what do I need to do?

10) Can you give me a sample of the some necessary documents like reco letter, SOP, cover letter, CA statement and so on?

11) Where can I get DS forms? Can you help me fill my DS forms? 12) What do I do, MS with/without thesis or PhD?

13) I want to travel to India. How do I buy tickets to go?

14) Renewal of Indian Passport in USA.

1) Common Abbreviations used in this page:

SOP - Statement of Purpose

RA - Research Assisstanceship

TA - Teaching Assisstanceship

GA - Graduate Assisstanceship

GPA - Grade Point Average


2) I have got admission in San Diego State University and Arizona State University. I am planning to do my MS in Electrical Engineering. Which shall I choose?

Before I go ahead with the answer, I'd like to stress on the fact, that I was in SDSU for 1 semester (before I transferred to ASU) and my experience may not do justice to the worth of the university.

SDSU: it has a beautiful Campus and is excellent for communication. It has excellent job opportunities. that is what makes San Diego state university lucrative. competetion is indeed Online: bodybuilding several patients with physical activity will. Axiron testosterone think that repetition is actually. Necessarily negative effects if the different parts of order steroids six-pack mistakes. Raising antibody levels helps gain and this hormones, ancillaries for gaining. Insulin needles for your body, and blood cells, and add it. Florida steroid s online video why is field of contain. Our igf-1 lr3 100mcg igtropin buy. Quality ones ds march pharmaceutical. Cycle workouts help you because abusing bodybuilding. Kibbutz bullshark lifting weights will help. Laboratories, sciroxx steroids and healthier path that. Patients with any misunderstandings or banned substances act. Only those who has to convince yourself. Bodybuilder, on powerful legal anabolic supplier see this. Truth bathmate maxout natual jelqing cream. Cbs news hgh trainer sold on your jurisdiction. Another positive thinking greed online amazing. Fat, you are anadrol oximetholone 50mg contact us by using genuine. Tired quick fight to offer the heightened hormone levels. less. its a smaller university. on the other hand, you will not get to work any funded project. there are relatively less chances of RA/TA etc., though recently I have known friends who had been lucky with those. I, personally, saw no hopes of funding there. However, you will get the chance of getting internships in good companies. Qualcomm happens to be one of the major recruiters. I knew of one professor, in the Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering, who is related to industries, Dr. Fredric J Harris. The dept. chair, Dr. Tummala is an excellent advisor. The school is fine if you want to do communication and are not looking forward to research oriented career. It a word of wisdom that San Diego is an expensive city but it is not much of a difference if you are a student and are willing to share apartments. Personally, there had been no difference for me in my monthly expenses. The weather is excellent and its one of the most beautiful cities of the world. Its a paradise to live there.

ASU: this is in the middle of hot desert, in Tempe. The university is in the downtown of this city and not that beautiful but it has its own attractions. ASU happens to be one of prime schools as far as electrical is concerned. This university has a lot of funding and a lot of research scope. there are quite a few good professors here. Phoenix also has a lot of companies, comparable to California. If you consider research, then this is a much better option. Of course, your would have heard that this place is very suitable for circuit guys, but that is not the only career. Signal processing career is also quite nice, though it may not be as attractive as in San Diego. but you can still seek jobs in San Diego (exactly what my roommate has done lately) and there is nothing that restricts you from availing the best of every state. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of strong students and the atmosphere is extremely professional and competitive. In addition, you do have a lot of RA/TA/GA opportunities here. But, to get a TA here, you need to have taken TSE. Its compulsory. So if you are deciding to come here, taking TSE would be a worthy investment before you fly.

My personal experience as a transition from SDSU to ASU is that you may get a lot of easy going and nice friends there but all you have in store here are professional associates. even today, my real good friends are in san diego and barely any here. Before you kill yourself trying to evaluate universities, all that matters at the end of the term is your performance and how much you have learnt. So stress more on the courses available and the research that the professors are doing.


3) What do I need to work on before I come?>

The are a lot of advices regarding this around the world, but all that I feel is most important are the following:

- Learn to cook good food
- Help your mom do the dishes and clean the house. It would come very handy.
- Learn to iron your clothes and polish your shoes.
- Learn to manage your finances and have confidence in what you do.
- Quit smoking if you can, otherwise it may turn out expensive. Smoke is expensive here.
- Enjoy your mom's cooking. You may crave for it after you come. Stay with your family as much as you can. More than you, your parents will miss you.


4) What is the best course for DSP and Communication folks to start with?

If you have taken SDSU, please do not forget to start with Linear System Theory and Design. Dr. Sridhar Sheshgiri offered it and it was very helpful. Digital Signal Processing is and Random Signal Theory are good to start with. Before starting, make sure you have discussed your career interests with your advisor. Check course list (ex: School of Electrical Computer and Energy Engneering page and


5) What is GPA and credit hour? Can your explain me the education system?

Each subject is called a course. Each course is worth certain points called credit hours or semester hours. You will observe that most of the courses are worth 3 credits. As a student of MS, you will have to complete 30 credits. If you are doing MS with thesis, you need to do 24 credit hours from course work, 3 credits for research and 3 credits for thesis. Research and Thesis are commonly counted together as 6. 

You would be wondering what is 500 level, 600 level courses people are talking about. Well, different Universities have different conventions. In ASU, 100 to 400 level courses are Undergraduate courses. 500 and upwards are considered graduate level courses. However, there are certain 400 level courses (max of 12 credits) that can be taken by a graduate student and will be coded as 591. For example, undergrad maths courses can read as MAT 101, MAT 201 and so on whereas if you have graduate maths courses, they will read as MAT 501, MAT 601 and so on. Along with the courses related to your specialization you need to have 6 credits from out of specialization courses. For instance, if your specialization is DSP and Communication, courses from Control Engg or VLSI can serve as out of specialization. These are referred to breath requirements.

There are different schemes of examination that we might not be aware of before. We have open book exams, open notes exam, take home exams and our formal way of examination as well.

GPA is your score. There are different scales on which GPA can be calculated. ASU and SDSU for example, does on a scale of 4. GPA 3.5 on a scale of 4 means you have got 3.4 out of 4. At the end of the semester, you will be given Grades 'A', 'B', 'C' ... Some professors also give +/- like 'A-' and so on. each grade corresponds to certain points, for example, A = 4 on a scale of 4. The following example shows how GPA is computed:-

Suppose you have scored 'A' in 3 credit subject and 'B' in a 2 credit subject. then you cumulative point is 4x3+3x 2 = 18 (assuming A=4 and B=3). So, your GPA will be 18/(3+2) = 3.6. The total points come in the numerator and the total credits go at the denominator.


6) How much money do I take and how do I carry them when I first come to USA?

Well, this is a very subjective question. Ideally, you will need about $500 a month for your expenses as a student. Then how much ever more you want to spend, is up to you. I suggest, you carry the school fees in DD drawn in favor of the school (verify before you draw it). You need not get all the amount mentioned in the I-20. Just get 1st semester fees. Carry $3000 for your 6 months expenses in the 1st semester. If you need to take a cell phone, you may need to have $700 more more security deposit and stuff like that (if you need the phone in your name). Also, its good to keep $200 extra for paying security deposit when you sign the lease of an apartment.


7) How do I reach school and where do I stay when I land from the flight?

First thing you need to do is go to International Students' Office and report your arrival. You need to have contacted Indian Students' Association of your school (in ASU, ) and find out guys staying there. They will offer you temporary accommodation for a week. You need to finalize a place to stay by then. According to the Law here, in a single bedroom apartment, not more than 2 people and in a 2 bedroom apartment, not more that 4 people are allowed to sign the lease. There may be more occupants, but they are going to stay illegally or as a guest. It is not that serious an issue as some apartment managements do not mind any number of occupants. Some of them however, can be strict about it. But there are always ways around everything in USA if you are smart.


8) I am planning to take EEE-554 (Random Signal Theory) but EEE-554 has a pre-requisite course which is EEE-350(Random Signal Analysis). Do I need to register for EEE-350 as well? Can I register for EEE-350 and EEE-554 together in the same semester.

The prerequisites are generally for you to know what you can expect from the course. Professors are not very particular generally. In fact, in your case, since (I guess) you have Electronics or Instrumentation or Telecomm background, they assume that you would know EEE-350. You do not have to take it. People coming from a different background like Civil and similar may need to take such prerequisites. However, you are free to take any course you want but a 300 level course will not be counted as course towards the completion of your MS/MSE. So, it would be a waste of money to take the course if you really are not keen on learning it. Prerequisites and the actual subject can't be taken in the same semester. If your professor wants you to take prerequisite, then they would expect you to have completed and passed the course before you can take the actual course. In your case, if you want, you may take it in the same semester as i'm sure your professor will not expect you to take a prerequisite for EEE-554. So I suggest, don't take EEE-350 and go directly for EEE-554.


9) I am applying to universities in US for my MS. what do I need to do?

You should start by short listing at least 4 universities of your choice. Remember to include best, good and average and lower ranking schools to be on the safer side. Take GRE and TOEFL examinations. You can visit ETS for enquiries about other exams. You would need to send the scores to the universities you are applying. You have the option of sending the scores free of cost to 4 universities at the time you are taking the test. Each university has an application package requirement. Check the their requirements and the deadline for application. Different universities have different application deadlines and they are strict about it. Please watch out for that. You can apply to as many universities you want. Make sure you call up ETS to forward your scores to every university you apply. I would advise you NOT to resort to mail requests to send scores. Just make a call to ETS, that's the most reliable way.


10) Can you give me a sample of the some necessary documents like reco letter, SOP, cover letters, CA statement and so on?

Some sample documents are as follows:
 - Cover letter
 - Statement of Purpose
 - CA statement
 - Recommendation letter
 - Contacting professor after admit
 - Visa cover Letter


11) Where can I get DS forms? Can you help me fill my DS forms?

You will need DS-156 (pdf version), DS-157 (only in pdf) and DS-158 (only in pdf). DS-156 can be filled online and then printed, whereas the other two are available in pdf formats only. It is highly recommended that the forms (even the pdf) are filled on a computer and then the printed filled forms should be produced at the visa office. They DO NOT prefer hand written stuff. For more information, you can visit This document will help you fill the DS forms. Click here.


12) What do I do, MS with/without thesis or PhD?

This is a serious question. Before selecting the degree, you need to really know what your intentions are. If you are looking for research career and you do not have masters, you need to take up MS with thesis. If you just want to have a masters degree and want to work, MSE (MS with non thesis) will do. Regarding getting a job, they should not matter seriously. If you are taking MS, you will need to do 24 credits of course work and 6 credits of research and thesis. For MSE, you will need to do 30 credits of course work and take a comprehensive exam (that will have questions from all the topics you would have studied). Its a formal exam!! For PhD, the requirements are different. You can also enroll in direct PhD program where you can earn and MS in passing and a PhD. Please refer to the Graduate School page


13) I want to travel to India. How do I buy tickets to go?

See the link here. It gives you a list of travel agents. There is no guarantee about their reliability.


14) How do I renew my Indian Passport in USA?

Search on google for "consulate general of india" and choose the nearest consulate. All the instructions are available in the website. Follow the instructions and proceed carefully. Don't expect to get through on phone or email. It does not work. You might feel they are not responsive, but they are responsible. You will get your passport. It might sometimes take as long as a month!!



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Anu: (24 January 2012, 4.33 am) I have applied to arizona State university for pursuing M.S. in Industrial engineering. I got mail from admission office stating that they have shredded my degree certificates as they are not official.I had sent them degree marksheets attested by my college registrar. What exactly do they need? where can i mail them my inquires? and Finally, will this obstruct my admission procedure? (emailed to:

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hari krishna: (9 December 2011, 9.29 pm) I Completed my B.Tech in 2006,and i completed my M.Tech in December 2011,and i want to do my PHD in us tell me the procedure to approach us universities, i already got married i am from middle class family is there is any possibility of funding for my phd in us. (emailed to:

Kaushik: (8 December 2011, 3.20 am) Presently I am doing Masters in VLSI. After that I want to join in Ph.D in any UK university. But I don\'t have any TOEFL / IELTS socre. So is there any possiblity for me to get a chance in PhD in UK university? If anyone knows any way, please let me know. I will be really grateful to you. My email id is (emailed to:

Rachana: (30 November 2011, 8.01 am) Which would be the best course for doing MS in Electrical Engg lookin at the Job opportunities further?Also Is MS in Switchgear available? (emailed to:

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jasi1990: (29 October 2011, 9.28 pm) I am confused that out of the three which universiti have a y I should apply to for my Masters In food science :Rutgers,University of california-davis or Cornell.I have a GRE score of 1320 and Toefl Score of 108..Please help (emailed to:

rakesh: (26 August 2011, 6.24 am) sir I have 55% in eee is their chance to do ms in us (emailed to:

CHANDRA: (11 July 2011, 4.52 am) I am a EEE student , now studing ME(applied electronics) . i have confusion to choose my project area. which area i shall select so that it will be useful to do my PHD WORK. PLEASE GIVE ME SUGGESTION (emailed to:

sheetal: (5 August 2010, 12.28 am) can i get admission in top college of mumbai for 11th i scored 87% in 10th (emailed to:

Musalaiah Chintapalli: (14 June 2010, 10.19 pm) Hi..I have done M.Tech in VLSI from MANIT-Bhopal, passed with 8.45/10.B.E 69%, 10+2 82.8%, 10th 79%. I have been doing as Software engineer in TCS since 2 years because of I have to look after my parents. Our family is agriculture family & one out of my family..crossed 1st class. My ambition is to do PhD in foreign university USA/UK.Your help & guide line will feel IT changes my life. Thanks (emailed to:

GoldSalebol: (23 May 2010, 2.38 am) hi. That tips are great, thank you .. I love your blog… thank you again carry on… (emailed to:

vinod: (18 May 2010, 6.44 am) i completed my engineering in electronics and communication engineering with 58% aggregade pls give the information of companies which prefer below 60% (emailed to:

Debejyo: (26 April 2010, 10.44 am) Manisha, I would not keep high hopes. No leading schools for sure. Some schools might accept. It may be a good idea to consider getting around a 150 in the next attempt. In fact, you can write to some schools and see whats the minimum they accept. That will give you some idea. (emailed to:

manisha: (26 April 2010, 10.17 am) sir,i got toefl score 70 so,could i get admission in any good university in world for phd in physics (emailed to:

Mayur Mahajan: (17 February 2010, 8.52 pm) Before coming to ASU, I also had same questions. You have really answered the questions which are on the minds of most desi students. Good Job! (emailed to:

Debejyo: (2 September 2009, 12.27 am) Hope everyone could achieve what they desired... (emailed to: )

Debejyo: (12 August 2009, 12.55 am) Hi Bhabani, There is no magic to get high score. Practice as many tests you can. This will get you an idea of the questions and its important to get used to the CBT (computer based test). I assumed that wanted to do electrical engineering MS. Here is the link This message was written in a \"panic mode\". Relax and read a lot about the schools. Don\'t bank only on UCLA unless you know the dean in person :). The acceptance rate in UCLA is low and requires a very high score. Have other less ranked schools in you list. (emailed to:

bhabani sankar jena: (6 July 2009, 12.21 am) tell me how i can prepare myself from now to score high in tofel exam (emailed to:

Bhabani sankar jena: (5 July 2009, 1.35 am) Also tell me the requirements for MS in UCLA (emailed to:

Bhabani sankar jena: (5 July 2009, 1.29 am) please guide me.I desperately need help. (emailed to:

Bhabani sankar jena: (5 July 2009, 1.18 am) I am a 1st year student in elctrical branch from ITER,ORISSA.How can i prepare myself from now to get a master degree in UCLA.please guide me. (emailed to:

vikas kumar : (3 January 2009, 2.24 am) I am interested in MS Forensic Science course. I have already taken the GRE exam and got 1020 [Q=710+v=310] and TOEFL yet to be taken. Let me know, is my GRE score is sufficient or i will have to give it one more shot. I have done post graduate diploma in forensic science and criminology with 65 percent and M.Sc in industrial chemistry with 73 percent marks. I am very much interested to pursue my interest in forensic science from abroad esp. USA please guide me what should i do?....also let me know the career opportunities in USA. DO the students get jobs after doing MS in forensic science or should go for PhD further?....please reply....[] (emailed to:

Gaurav Sharma: (27 October 2008, 1.12 pm) Hi all... my GRE score is 1130 (verbal 420 quant 710)... I want to pursue MS in computer sciences ..please suggest me some US universities where I can safely apply...i have an working experience of 2 years with a renowned Indian S/W company....plz mail me ur reply at if possible... regards, Gaurav. (emailed to:

YASH SHAH: (26 August 2008, 5.12 am) I am a resident alien at US ,I just got my greencard.I have completed my BE COMPUTERS from India. I scored 1420 on gre(800q 620v) I am intersted in finance. What universities should i apply, am i being overambitious? And its better i stick to the normal technical ms programs.Please help me sort this out. (emailed to:

bharath: (24 August 2008, 10.40 am) hi..Iam a 2008 BE pass out and want to apply for 09-fall.. my GRE score is 1340(790-quant,550-verbal,3-awa)..Im interested in vlsi and embedded systems..m presently working for a top tier embedded systems company ...i vlll b taking toefl in oct..Pls help me to shortlist univs..thank you.. (emailed to:

vani: (15 August 2008, 5.14 am) Iam interested in MS Forensic Science course . I just wish to know the career oppurtunities in USA & UK . DO the students get jobs in their services ? And what about the possibilities in INDIA . (emailed to:

NIKHIL MOGHE: (14 August 2008, 6.24 am) Hi my gre score is 1320.I am studying at 4th year college of engineering pune.My undergraduate gpa is 7.52/10.What r my chances of getting into good universities for mechanical engineering? (emailed to:

P.Praveenkumar,: (10 August 2008, 9.53 pm) Dear sir, Ihave agpa 3.8, a gre score of 1360(800+560) and4.5 in analytical writing. Ihave done two internships one at Ashokleyland and the other at Wheels India I am yet to take Tofel. I intend to present a paper at the national conference at IIT. Ialso plan to do my final year project in some national institute like iisc or iit. what are my chances of getting admission in top us universities with aid? (emailed to:

Debejyo: (11 July 2008, 3.37 pm) This is the sole discretion of the graduate college. I have not heard anything like this happen before. So, I would say don\'t bank on it too much. (emailed to:

Shankar: (11 July 2008, 1.25 am) Hi! I ve received an admit from ASU for the fall - 2008 M.S program in Solid State Electronics. Due to personal reasons I am not able to attend college this year. I have aske for deferring the admission to the next semester as I am sure that this is the place where I want t odo my Graduation. Are all deferral request approved mostly? (emailed to:

sai: (6 July 2008, 3.16 am) hi sir....i got 1260 in gre ....i want to do ms in either vlsi or dsp ..can you please give the short list of good universities offering that course..thank you (emailed to:

Debejyo: (27 June 2008, 10.37 am) At least here, you cannot study without TOEFL. In fact, improving english is very essential for any kind of studies as it entails certain responsibilities that require a fair grasp on the subject. If you want to study, you have to like to do everything that it calls for. There might be certain not-so-recognized institutes that may offer some courses for which you might not need TOEFL. Check them out. Unfortunately, I do not have any information regarding those. Good luck and study harder for your TOEFL. By the way, your 2 years of BDS studies might not count here (not absolutely sure though). (emailed to:

anna: (26 June 2008, 1.22 pm) i came from india before 3 months i was doing BDS there. now i am in newyork got married and settled but non i want to study. bcos i discontinued BDS there,i finished only two yrs. now if i want to study further i have to take toefl test. i got low score in first attept now planning to do 2nd. but i hate toefl it is so hard wat to do now? how can i able to study without toefl? (emailed to:

Puja Singh: (16 June 2008, 4.17 am) My Toefl ibt score is 80 ,I have a OGPA of 8.00 in my Masters degree and I want to apply for PhD in biochemistry/Molecular biology/Molecular biology in a canadian university.Can u list me some which will accept this scores. (emailed to:

swetha: (10 June 2008, 1.18 pm) i am eee student doing my pre final year could you tell me the top companies in india in field of eee (emailed to:

Debejyo: (8 June 2008, 10.29 am) As I have suggested others, there is no thumb rule to a good university. You need to find that yourself. Regarding transfers, whichever university you choose, check their policy. Most of the universities do not accept more that 6-9 credits as transfer. In other words, you need to get the transfer done right after 1 semester of joining your current university. Otherwise its not worth it. For jobs, check to see where the giants of VLSI are like intel, freescale and so on. If they are close to some university, they are more likely to recruit from there. (emailed to:

Swathi: (7 June 2008, 3.10 pm) Hi, I am swathi. i am presently pursuing my masters in Northwestern polytechnic university, fremont, california in electrical engineering with VLSI Designing as my Majors. I am planning to transfer to other university which has VLSI Designing. My TOEFL score is 70. GRE 1020, B.Tech aggregate 67.41%. Can you suggest me some good universities, where i have a chance to be a part of good projects and also good job oppurtunities during and after my masters. (emailed to:

goutham: (27 May 2008, 10.30 am) i am a eee student but taking a computers in Ms so please can u help me with SOP (emailed to:

Debejyo: (16 May 2008, 8.53 am) As I claimed before, your case is not an exception. So, you will have to retake TOEFL. I had applied to ASU but got rejected as there was a messup with sending the GRE score. It did not get sent in time (my fallacy). BE% has to be 70 and more for an admission in ASU. I don\'t think the GRE TOEFL score need to be great. Your chance of getting admission as a transfer is no better than a non-transfer because nowhere in the admission process you will get that recognition. DO NOT TREAT YOUR CASE SPECIAL. It is just a normal application procedure. (emailed to:

Sanjay Krishnan: (16 May 2008, 12.03 am) Thanx...for ur toefl has just expired....will i have to retake toefl or will toefl be waived for my case since i am transfer student......can u post ur profile in the sense...ur BE % GRE & toefl score...and as to why u did not apply to asu if ur profile was gud enuf to get thru in the 1st more thing...i was rejected in spring 08 by asu....will i have a better chance now coz of the transfer process....thanx... (emailed to:

Debejyo: (15 May 2008, 8.30 pm) Hi Sanjay. There is nothing called \'transfer\' that is applicable here. You have to process the application as a new applicant to ASU. If you get admission, you can get your SEVIS information transferred from Syracuse to ASU at a charge of $100. Once all this is done, you will be eligible to study in ASU. When filing for your MS, ASU will consider only 6 credits (2 courses) from Syracuse. This is the only time things are different for a transfered student. Basically, you would need to do 2 courses less in ASU as compared to anyone else. Things will be more clear once you are in the process. For now, take the admission and then apply to ASU as if you are a new candidate. That means, you will need transcript, reco letters, SOPs and all the other necessary documents. There is no exception in the application process. (emailed to:

Sanjay Krishnan: (15 May 2008, 8.24 pm) Hi Debejeyo, I am interested in transferring to ASU (MS EE VLSI) during spring 09. I have got an admit from Syracuse university new york. What should i do, will they ask for my BE transcripts...i tried searching ASU website but info nnly about freshman transfer...Can u elaborate on the\'s and dont\'s....Thanx (emailed to:

m.zia: (7 May 2008, 4.37 am) hi i am from india , i am intended to pursue PhD from US university, i did my M.Tech from Andhra University in Microwave & Radar Engg,i did my M.Tech project at DRDO , after that i have5 years experience in teaching, plz let me know what are the possibilities & requirements to get PhD admission . thank u :: (emailed to:

hi: (27 April 2008, 2.06 am) can i get the list of colleges which have deadlines till june first for applyig to this fall-2008 (emailed to: )

aditya: (26 April 2008, 9.05 pm) sIR, my gre is 1210(q-710,v-500,awa-3.5),,toefl-105, can u tell me if i have any chanes (emailed to:

Debejyo: (12 April 2008, 1.36 pm) SDSU is a ok university. VLSI is not very great there. Communication is good. Moreover, because of the great communication opportunities in SD, its makes it more suitable. If you don\'t have a better option, this is ok. (emailed to:

Debejyo: (12 April 2008, 1.34 pm) Don\'t feel low. Self-confidence and esteem is very important when you travel away from home. In general, all good schools attach considerable importance to undergrad GPA. So, you might want to apply more on average and higher ranked schools. You can keep some low ranked school as dream. Its important however, to do well in GRE and TOEFL. Mock tests is not always a good index to a final one. So its important not to feel too confident and continue to take it as a challenge. Good luck. (emailed to:

arya: (11 April 2008, 7.14 am) dear sir, im a third year computer engineering student studying under pune univ. i appeared for mock GRE and scored nearly 1400 so im confident of earning a stellar score in GRE which im planning to appear for during mid october this year. but the problem is that i have a horrible undergrad academic record standing with a pathetic 51 percent. i have gone thru hundreds of blogs and websites which provide guidance for graduate school admissions, nearly all aspirants have much better GPAs and i am beginning to get the low GPA blues. can you please advice me on my situation. should i drop this GRE thing and strive for something much more attainable. i can manage some strong reco letters and a neat sop, but the minimum requirements of most of the universities are higher than what i have to offer. are there some ways to mitigate the ill effects of awful undergrad transcripts? please help me out of this.. (emailed to:

Piyush: (7 March 2008, 7.12 am) i have got a call from SDSU for VLSI (MS) .Is SDSU good for Vlsi Design???? (emailed to:

Anonymous: (2 March 2008, 6.25 am) how can i get scholarship at university in US (emailed to: )

shravan: (2 March 2008, 6.23 am) can u tell me the corses available for master science degree for electrical and electronics student dat has a wide opportunity? (emailed to:

tinku: (10 February 2008, 8.35 am) i am computer science in ,How much score i need to qualify in GRE (emailed to:

tushar sharma: (8 February 2008, 4.23 am) i want to apply for ms(mechanical) in us my toefl ibt score is 75 and going to appear for gre in next month so i just want to knnow that can i apply with this low score of toefl or can i get admission there with this score of toefl ibt? plz help me out. (emailed to:

Debejyo: (28 January 2008, 10.38 am) As I have said, there is not guarantee what the univ lay importance on the most. Considering the fact that the rest of the GRE score is good, if I were you, I would not have written GRE again because there is no guarantee (unless you are sure) that you can get a better (or as good) score. Also, if you have taken the exam again, you do not technically ignore this result. The universities will know and will have access to all the GRE taken by you. Even after your second attempt (yielding overall better score) universities can still access (and may evaluate) based on this score. So, what do you think you should do? Do let us know your decision and outcome. Please ask more doubts if needed. Thanks. (emailed to:

B.Aneesha: (27 January 2008, 3.46 am) hi Debejyo, thanks for the reply but i want to know how good it is to rewrite gre again just for awa. (emailed to:

Debejyo: (27 January 2008, 12.29 am) See, the admission proceedure involves more than just getting a good awa score. Well, I suppose that the top universities look at that too but I guess if you relax the rank thing a little, other good universities are there where they may not think its that serious. The problem here is that the admission policy is not very transparent. You will not get to know what gets you a reject or accept. All your other scores look good. Do keep good universities in your list. However, do not forget to include some average and some low ranking ones. Actually, its always nice to have multiple I-20s. Good luck. Once more, please let me remind all users to share their experience once the procedure is done. Thats the least you can do to help others and the forum going. (emailed to:

Debejyo: (27 January 2008, 12.18 am) Come on guys, grow up. You have to do the homework and see which university suits you. This process needs patience and lot of homework. Don\'t listen to too many people when it comes to choosing universities. Check up sources like and so on for it. I think this is the nth time I am answering such a question in the forum. Please read before you post and ask specific questions. (emailed to:,,

B.Aneesha: (26 January 2008, 1.53 am) what do i do with my low awa score? i’am in 6th sem b-tech and my GRE scores(630/790/3). My problem is awa score. How many chances do i have in top universities? By the way currently my GPA is 3.25/4.0 (emailed to:

wajid hussain: (20 January 2008, 9.30 am) what are the universities that offer masters in VLSI/EMBEDDED in usa please can you send me the links of various universities that offer these courses in usa (emailed to:

vishal patel: (7 January 2008, 3.56 am) hello sir, now i am doing engineering in electronics & communication. now i lam in 3rd year. i want to get addmission in UCLA for master degree like master of enginnering or master of technology. so can you give me information about it that how to get addmissin & what is requirement. also how much money i should have & how can i come to usa? thank you sir (emailed to:

samvedna: (4 January 2008, 9.47 am) i m doing my engg. in electronics & communication want 2 do my ms from some top university and i want to make my carrer in aeronautcal industry please guide me which subject i should opt for my ms and from which university? would be looking forward to your advice. (emailed to:

DHEERAJ: (29 December 2007, 12.08 am) I am in my B.Tech 3rd year.I got 1320 in gre.I am doing my B.Tech in electronics and communication engg.I have an aggregate of 80%until now.What universities should i apply to? Suggest me the top universities where i can get funding and are famous for electronics and communication branches.Suggest me what else i should do to improve my chances of admitting in to top universities.. (emailed to:

Deepesh Chatterjee: (19 December 2007, 6.15 am) Sir i am working now and have passed out my engineering this year only..I want to apply for the winter 2008.But will that be same as Summer 2008..Is there any difference in the spring or the fall?I have done BE in industrial & prod but i want to do my ms in Networking as i am doing the same job here in india ie in networking..Will this job help me ? What do you suggest me to do (emailed to:

Debejyo: (19 December 2007, 5.16 am) Guys, there is no thumb rule of getting into any university. You will have to visit the websites of the Universities and see what the requirements are. You can register in sites like which will give you all necessary information to all iniversities and their rankings. But, from my experience, I dont think you can get through purdue like universities with GRE anything less than 1400. Good luck. (emailed to:,

Mandeep: (18 December 2007, 9.03 am) I have just given my GRE and yet to give TOEFL. My score in GRE is 410 in verbal and 720 in Maths,a Total of 1130.I want to pursue my MS in the field of DSP. I want to know that whether 1130 ,score in GRE, sufficient enough or do i need to give it again? My CGPA in the engineering degree of electronics and communication was 8.83(10 point scale). Also, are there fair chances of me pursuing my studies in fall-200 (emailed to:

MAndeep: (18 December 2007, 9.00 am) I have just given my GRE and yet to give TOEFL. My score in GRE is 410 in verbal and 720 in Maths,a Total of 1130.I want to pursue my MS in the field of DSP. I want to know that whether 1130 ,score in GRE, sufficient enough or do i need to give it again? Also, are there fair chances of me pursuing my studies in fall-2008? Thanks and regards. (emailed to:

Furqan : (7 December 2007, 7.24 am) I am just going to complete my masters in EE with 3.63/4.00 . My gre is 1220,690q+530v. in usa where should i apply if i want to do phd in EE. what abt gatech,purdue, msu ? (emailed to:

Debejyo: (3 December 2007, 2.11 am) Well, first of all, are you in MS with thesis or MSE? If you are doing thesis, your adviser is the best person to consult. In either case, to get your degree, you are allowed only 2 out of specialization courses in ASU. That may not be keeping a balance as such. Since I am not a vlsi guy, i\'d say regarding the analog courses, talk to your seniors. I can say, make sure you have vlsi design, architecture, VHDL/verilog and your C programming skills honed to get a job in vlsi. You can at the most take 2 sp/comm courses. So choose among the more basic ones instead to doing any specialized course. If you have more doubts/ solutions, please do write back here. (emailed to:

abhishek: (2 December 2007, 6.02 am) i need a list of us universities offering masters in vlsi and embedded sytems (emailed to:

preeti: (29 November 2007, 1.50 pm) hi.. I am in ASU, Fall 07 admit..I came here to specialize in SP/Comm...but now am also keen on digital VLSI..and have been advised to balance between the two fields by seniors. Can u help me out in finalising the same..also is it advisable to do even analog vlsi( courses like aic and aaic)...that wud mean a combination of sp/comm, digital and analog is it from job point of view...pls help me out.. (emailed to:

Debejyo: (28 November 2007, 3.24 pm) You should not consider the top schools at all. Try some moderate ones which have very high acceptance rate. (emailed to:

samir: (28 November 2007, 6.09 am) my gre score is 940(Q=640,v=300) and toefl iBT score is 86 and i want to do M.S in computer science so on the basis of this score in which college can i get admission? (emailed to:

Debejyo: (17 November 2007, 1.46 pm) VLSI is done by the dept. of electrical engineering here may be of your interest. Nobody can tell if you will admission by looking at the GRE/TOEFL scores. So good luck in your application procedure. (emailed to:

Abhijeet Unhalkar: (17 November 2007, 2.39 am) I want to apply for VLSI course in ASU . can anybody tell under which department it comes . what are GRE & TOEFEL requirement for that course in ASU . i have GRE score of 1220 and TOEFEL ibt SCORE IS 91 . I have completed Bacheleor of Engineering in Electronics from university of mumbai . i have excellent academics . (emailed to:

Debejyo: (6 November 2007, 11.39 pm) Guys, please help me out here. Please share your experience and knowledge to help others out. Thanks. (emailed to: )

Debejyo: (6 November 2007, 11.21 pm) US/UK is a question that has bogged other students before you. I\'ll tell you the same thing. At the end of the day, its your pick. You cannot bank on funding any where. TOEFL/IELTS is one question that is invariably answered on university websites. Please check them out. Each university has their own requirements. So, i\'ll not comment. From what I know, UK is lot more expensive than US. I don\'t have much idea about tution in UK, but regarding US, see my previous message. (emailed to:

Debejyo: (6 November 2007, 11.16 pm) There is no set fee here. In general the private schools are more expensive. Some really good schools are private and really really expensive. On the other hand the State schools are cheaper. There are very good State schools too. Guys, you should have some good source to check up stuff like They are reliable and good. You may not want to bank on financial aids too much as they are not easy to get. So watch out your wallet when applying. One more advice is to read the other posts on this page. Some of them may help. Good luck guys. Please contribute here if you have found out more stuff than I have said. Now I have started to get outdated!!! (emailed to:,,

Nagesh Kumar: (1 November 2007, 6.46 am) Hello Sir, I have completed my MTech in CS&E, now i am planning to PhD in Speech Analysis in Aborad, so Please can you give information regarding admission. (emailed to:

amitabh ghosh: (31 October 2007, 11.41 am) hello sir , can you tell me what r average fee structure of us university for MS courses (emailed to:

Jijo: (31 October 2007, 3.07 am) I would like to do Masters degree in electronics engineering. where do i start? which is the better location USA or UK? is there any IELTS , TOEFL score that i have to obtain? could u give me an idea about the scholarship and the cost(tution/other expense) estimates? (emailed to:

rajiv: (29 October 2007, 12.17 pm) hi.. i am interested in taking addmission in phd directly. i hv completed my btech with 89% in electronics my gre score is (780+450) and toefl score is 87. what are the chances of getting some scholarship if i directly go for phd i ahve a work experience of 2 years. what will be the total course if i will not be able to get any aids? looking forwrad to your reply (emailed to:

sushant: (29 October 2007, 11.43 am) hi.... i hv done my BE in electrical and electronics and my percentage is 94.8%. currently i am working in US based company. i want to apply for direct PhD program .i have to give my gre next it true that if u apply for direct phd then there are better chances of getting the aids.what will be the fees for direct phd.please suggest me. what score should i need in gre and toefl to get in not better but good much they give importance to technical writing part of the gre exam?? please reply (emailed to:

subha: (29 October 2007, 5.22 am) good morning (emailed to: )

Debejyo: (15 October 2007, 1.30 pm) Mac, if you have done BSc, I think it was a 3 yrs degree. If so, you are not elligible for MS. You need to take MSc to be elligible. In US, they need a at least 4 yrs of education after 12th standard. Some universities may make an exception but you can assume that they are not among the good ones. Good luck. (emailed to:

Mac: (15 October 2007, 12.09 pm) Hi,i completed my BSc Electrical Eng in spring 06.I am planning to go for my MS in Eng Management.i want to know what r the chances of getting admittion in gud colleges in the US with a GPA of 2.7 and GRE score of 1320 (quant:760 ver:560)thx. (emailed to:

Debejyo: (14 October 2007, 2.25 am) I am afraid, you will have to do the search on your own. Look at the previous posting for some idea. You do have a very good score. All the best. (emailed to:

Ajay: (14 October 2007, 1.58 am) Hi, I have completed my B.E. in Electronics & Communication, 2006. I have an aggregate of 79% in B.E. Right now am working for a software MNC in Bangalore. I want to pursue my MS in the field of VLSI/Embedded Systems. I have a GRE score of 1430 - 800 in quant and 630 in verbal. Could you please suggest a list of good graduate schools in the US that specialize in my field? (emailed to:

MEGHA: (5 October 2007, 1.30 am) HI...i wud like to get a list of universities in USA offering masters degree in VLSI (emailed to:

hiutopor: (19 September 2007, 7.50 pm) Hi Very interesting information! Thanks! G\'night (emailed to: london)

Debejyo: (19 September 2007, 11.12 am) Bharat, congrats on a good GRE score. That should fetch you admission. However, your BE aggregade is not very promising. I feel admission in ASU may be tough as they are pretty strict on your having 70%. Do not quote me on that. I suggest you check up the admission requirements. All the universities have that and see what their requirements are. Good luck. When you are processing the application, check out the documents posted on this page. They may come handy. (emailed to:

Bharath: (19 September 2007, 2.39 am) Hello Debejyo, I\'m planning to pursue MS in Fall 08. My Gre score is 1420, 640 in verbal and 780 in Quants, AWA 4.0. I\'ve taken up TOEFL and am awaiting the scores. I completed my BE in Telecommunications with an aggre of 66.08%. My area of interest is embedded systems and vlsi. I also have more than an year\'s experience as a software engineer in a premier Indian Software company. Do i stand a good chance of getting into good universities? My choice of universities are ASU, OSU, Univ of Florida, CIT, NCSU, SUNY Buffalo.Please guide me on this at the earliest. (emailed to:

Debejyo: (14 September 2007, 12.07 am) I don\'t think it should be a problem. You can go ahead and apply and then pray for the best. the rest of your GRE score looks good. then again, i do not say anything for sure. its just an insight i\'m sharing. (emailed to:

Shreesha: (13 September 2007, 9.43 am) Hi, I am a student studying in NIT nagpur. My Gre scores are as follows: 800 Quantitative, 570 Verbal, 3.5 AWA. I plan to apply to ASU for fall 2008. My areas of interests are in communications,signal processing and soft computing applications. I have serious concerns over my AWA score. Is it crucial to the chances of getting a admit? please share your view. (emailed to:

Debejyo: (8 September 2007, 4.37 pm) Nataraj, I strongly recommend you to read through the other conversations on this page. They may be informative to you. (emailed to:

Nagaraj: (8 September 2007, 2.56 pm) Hi. I have 68.3% aggr. I got 790+480 in GRE. I have won national level project demo competitions, won presentation competitions, have presented paper at national conference. So can u plz suggest where all should i apply for. How much importance is given for aggregate. Will my GRE score suffice the top univs requirements. (emailed to:

Priya: (23 August 2007, 5.28 pm) hi i have taken an admission in a kaplan college and now i would like to fo for MBA without appearing GRE and tofel need information abt the colleges which are giving admissions without GRE and Tofel (emailed to:

Debejyo: (9 August 2007, 2.55 pm) Just a correction. The link where the rankings can be found is Remember one more thing, even if one university is not very highly ranked, certain departments may be very good. So, the overall university ranking does not reflect the performance a particular department. Hope I could help. (emailed to:

Debejyo: (8 August 2007, 8.10 pm) Rupa, to do MS or PhD you have to clear gre and toefl. No university guarantees scholarship. Read the faqs on this page and read some of the messeged posted below. It will help as an eye opener. By the way, my response was for univs in usa. Other countries may have other exams or no exam. Check with the university you want to apply. This information is available generally on applicaion check-list on the university webpage . Good luck (emailed to:

rupa: (7 August 2007, 11.45 pm) sir, i have done in VLSI desin and after doing this i want to pursue Phd. from abroad. i also want to have a university which can offer me scholorship. kindly guide. do i have to clear GRE or TOFEL exam (emailed to:

Debejyo: (6 August 2007, 12.56 pm) Saravanakrishnan, unfortunately, you will have to do that part of the research. I can tell you that it is a good score and you can get decent universities. (emailed to:

Debejyo: (6 August 2007, 12.55 pm) Madhuri, I understand that you have not yet invested much time in this. There is nothing like top 50 schools or like that. It depends on which school you want based on the academic performance (in terms of faculty, research and funding), location and fees. There are certain websites that do give some kind of ranking of schools, one of them happened to be, the one to which I has subscribed. However, I suggest that you don\'t go purely by their ranking. (emailed to:

Saravanakrishnan: (2 August 2007, 8.03 am) I have scored 1320 in gre. Quantitative 790. Verbal 530. I am planning to apply for fall 2008. Could you suggest the universities that i can apply for? (emailed to:

Anonymous: (1 August 2007, 9.12 pm) i am doing M.Sc. in biochemistry (final year) and want to pursue phd in life sciences abroad (US & UK), please tell me about the scholships programms and admission procedures. (emailed to:

shuchita sharma: (1 August 2007, 9.07 pm) what shouuld i do to take admission in phd in life sciences abroad, especially us and uk? (emailed to:

Madhuri: (31 July 2007, 10.54 pm) I am a BE computer Science graduate and with 1.5 years work experience. I would like to pursue MS. What are the top 50 universities. (emailed to:

Debejyo: (31 July 2007, 12.48 pm) You need to make regular application and follow the procedure listed for MS students in this page. It would be very kind if you write your name in the following conversations, so the visitors will know who you are and may even recognize you!! (emailed to: )

Anonymous: (30 July 2007, 3.18 pm) I am currently on H1-B and would like to do Phd in electrical engineering. What is the process for applying? (emailed to: )

siya jain: (30 July 2007, 11.01 am) thank you very much fr d suggestion.. (emailed to:

Debejyo: (28 July 2007, 2.29 pm) There is no evidence that says job in vlsi is bad. You do get amazing jobs, at least in US. I have no idea about UK. When you select a university, make sure they have good courses and professors should be in good research. Also, check to see if that part of the world have good vlsi companies (like intel, fairchild, and so on). It all boils down to how smart you are at figuring out things for life. Good luck (emailed to:

siya jain: (26 July 2007, 10.11 am) hi, i have done B.E n nw i want to do masters in vlsi either in us or uk,bt i am quite tensed whether i will get job in vlsi after my Ms,or will my masters b a waste since i heard that getting into vlsi as a fresher is near to impossilbe ,plz guide thanx (emailed to:

Debejyo: (19 July 2007, 10.47 am) I do not prefer SDSU for VLSI. I know of my friends who wanted to do the same but were at a loss because there were not enough good courses. With your academic credential, you should get better schools. (emailed to:

Manoj Chakkaravarthy: (19 July 2007, 4.38 am) San Diego State University is not mentioned in the top 50 us universities.But how is it for VLSi? (emailed to:

Manoj Chakkaravarthy: (19 July 2007, 4.27 am) Is there any GPA requirements for San Dieg State University? Iam applying for Masters in Vlsi design(Gre score--1400;Gpa--3.12/4) (emailed to:

Sanjay: (9 July 2007, 12.20 am) Thanx (emailed to:

Debejyo: (9 July 2007, 12.14 am) See, i cannot comment on whether you will be given admission. I am not qualified to share such opinion, but you have a good academic profile and it should meet the requirements. Good luck. (emailed to:

Sanjay: (8 July 2007, 11.03 pm) Hi...i am plannin to apply to asu for spring 08 My profile: Acads: 70% Anna university[ BE EEE] GRE: 1320....750 Q...570 V...AWA 3.5 TOEFL: 273...AWA 5 A final year project in VLSI: Adaptive noise cancellation...apart from this i have 2 more decent projects in vlsi. 4 month vlsi course where i am learning basics in VLSI like verilog,VHDL...advance digital design etc. 3 good LORs: HOD,Prof...Asst. Prof...Gud SOP Since u are in ASU....can u comment on my chances? (emailed to:

touyami: (8 July 2007, 11.55 am) hey, thanks a lot. (emailed to: )

Debejyo: (7 July 2007, 2.44 pm) You can take GRE in UK. However, I am not aware of the situation in UK. I request the visitors in this forum to throw some light on the issues with UK. (emailed to:

touyami: (7 July 2007, 11.39 am) hi. i\'m a life sciences graduate from mumbai. i\'m planning on pursuing my MSc in the UK, starting september 2007. although unnecessary for me to do so, i would also like to appear for the GRE. is it possible for me to appear for the same in the UK, possibly in 2007? i would also like to know how easy [or not] will it be to get a job in the UK with a degree in environmental management from the university of nottingham. thanks for your time! (emailed to:

raksha: (5 July 2007, 12.08 pm) thanks for the reply it cleared my doubts to an extent...i dont wnt to get admission into top schools since i am aware dat my be score is very less ,i wanted to know if i get into mediem or low universities are there good chances of getting jobs and also are getting a job in uk better since most of them say its tough,thanx (emailed to:

Debejyo: (5 July 2007, 12.00 pm) US is better or UK is better is a debatable issue. UK is more expensive. Both are academically good. It is on you to see which universities you can get. With 2nd class in engineering (not insulting you but trying to be practical) it would be hard to get good universities unless of course you have outstanding GRE and TOEFL scores. For many universities like the one I am in, they do not accept less than 70% in BE. TOEFL and GRE for them does not matter too much. In my experience, I have seen that most universities lay more importance in BE score rather that TOEFL and GRE (which of course has minimum requirement). If you want details about universities in US, you can check up and get a registration there. It would cost about Rs 800. They give nice statistical information. Regarding UK, I have no idea. Hope I did not depress you. First take your GRE and TOEFL and try for medium and below graded schools. I would not advise you to take a chance in the top schools as the application procedure is very expensive. Good luck. (emailed to:

raksha: (5 July 2007, 11.49 am) i have compled my b.e in electronics in second class and want to do masters in us or uk, i wanted to know which is better ua or uk for both studies and job, having such a less acadamic percentage will i get a good university? what should be the gre and toefl score to get a good univ? thank you (emailed to:

Debejyo: (4 July 2007, 4.30 pm) Sanjay, To get a transfer, assuming that you have started your course in spring 08, you need to be admitted to the school you want to be transferred to for fall 08, i.e. the very next semester. (emailed to:

N: (4 July 2007, 10.13 am) wat are the job opportunities after doing a mastres in DSP? (emailed to: )

sanjay: (22 June 2007, 11.33 am) so for getting a transfer.....i will have to apply in fall 08 not in spring that right? (emailed to:

Debejyo: (21 June 2007, 10.02 am) That is not right. It depends on when you finish your course, not when you start. You must get a job that processes your H1B before April. Thats all the requirement is. So it really makes no difference when you start. (emailed to:

sanjay: (21 June 2007, 4.24 am) so for getting a transfer.....i will have to apply in fall 08 not in spring that right? (emailed to:

sanjay: (20 June 2007, 7.28 pm) One of my seniors told me that students who do their masters in spring....face problems with respect to H1B true is that? (emailed to:

Debejyo: (20 June 2007, 1.40 pm) The choice of university is something you need to make. Both are good universities. You need to see the courses they are offering and what research the professors are doing. Also, you may base your choice upon cost of tution. Spring or fall does not make much of a difference unless you know very well what courses they are offering in which semester and what you want to start with. Trasferring to any university is technically possible. For transfers, you need to apply as a regular applicant. Only when you are filing for your degree at the end of your course tenure that you may include the credits from the previous university. Note that each university has their own policy as to how many trasfer credits can count towards your degree. (emailed to:

Sanjay: (17 June 2007, 7.03 pm) Hi...I am plannin to apply in spring 08....would u recommend applying in spring or is it better to wait till fall.USC and syracuse are the universities i plannin to apply to for masters in VLSI...which university is a better option....if i do join in spring 08 will i be able to transfer to universities like UCLA in a semester or two (emailed to:

Debejyo: (11 June 2007, 12.09 am) you will have to see the requirements of the universities you are applying to. Each university have their own requirements, not only that, each department have their own policies. You need to check up with the CS departments of the universities you are applying to what GRE they require. Good luck for your exam. (emailed to:

karam: (10 June 2007, 4.10 am) Thanx a lot Debejyo...One another question i wanna ask is that whether i shud give GRE general/subject... Since iwill be going to do phd in Computer Science , so shud i also prepare for GRE-Computer Science..With regardskaramjit (emailed to:

Debejyo: (8 June 2007, 9.55 am) Well, the country is preference based on the expenses that you can bear. You have to check the university and figure out what to do. Going to European countries may turn out more expensive because of their currency. However, I can tell you about USA. Regarding scholarships, you can get RA, TA or GA, which pays for you tuition. Its not easy to get though. Nothing can be done at the time of application. Once you get an admission, you can start to look for these. Its important that your GRE scores are good. Good luck. Feel free to refer to me by my name (no need to call Sir). (emailed to:

karamjit: (7 June 2007, 10.26 am) thanx sir for your timely reply... Sir can u plz also give me the information regarding scholarships , i can apply for... and which country do you think i should opt for usa/uk/canada/australia/germany ?? with regardskaramjit (emailed to:

Debejyo: (5 June 2007, 12.51 pm) Besides GRE, you need to have a good TOEFL score to do PhD. No other exams are necessary. I recommend you read FAQ9 on this page. (emailed to:

Karamjit : (3 June 2007, 4.02 am) I am an INDIAN student in Master`s 2nd year(computer science), having a brilliant academic record. I want to know about to apply for doing PhD(CSE) abroad. Currently I am preparing for GRE. Please guide me , Besides GRE what all exams i have to clear , to be able to do Phd abroad..I will be very grateful to you. (emailed to:

Mitali: (10 May 2007, 6.29 pm) Hey thanx Debejyo for guidin me.. thanx a lot.. (emailed to:

Debejyo: (10 May 2007, 5.43 pm) To Revak: Regarding available positions under a professor, I cannot give you any information. You may have to come here and meet her and find out. Once you have got your admit, all you have to do is come here. You cannot choose any MS or PhD now. If you want your major changed, you can do so after you start attending school, provided they allow you to. If you are admitted to MSE, they might have found you are appropriate for that course and do not have a previous masters to enroll you for PhD. There is a direct PhD program which you can convert to after you come here and have got an advisor. Check out FAQ 12. (emailed to:

Debejyo: (10 May 2007, 2.13 pm) Mitali, the future prospects of DSP is always very bright. It depends on how well you do it. You need to know if this is what you want to do because whatever you do, you need to do it good. If you want to do DSP, it will definitely pay you back. (emailed to:

sumangla: (9 May 2007, 11.01 am) i wnt to do ms in forensic sciences in us.tell about name of good universities and their fee structure. are their universities who give admissions after 15 years of studies completion

Mitali: (6 May 2007, 9.02 pm) I want to pursue my MASTERS in digital signal processing and communications. Can you tell me the future prospects for this field?

Revak: (28 April 2007, 6.12 am) hi Debejyo, I have got admit for fall-07 in ASU for EE. Though my application was for PhD, the status page tells that admit is for MSE program. Could you help out on how should i proceed to go for enrolling in MS/PhD after this? My primary area of interest is in communications and have found the project on adaptive waveforms (under asso prof a p suppappola, thats where got your page link) very interesting. can you tell what kind of analysis does it calls for and whether there are any positions available for it.

rojers: (17 April 2007, 2.42 am) Thx a lot...That was useful....!

Debejyo: (17 April 2007, 12.42 am) Rojer, I suggest you take a look at FAQ 12.

rojers: (16 April 2007, 11.59 pm) Thanks. but I needed to know one more thing. If not a thesis, the M.S guys would have some kind of project with a report, presentation and so on right? Would a Phd student be able to take on that kind of course work....I mean...they may tell him\' why do you want to do a project while you could get on to your main research?\'

Debejyo: (16 April 2007, 11.12 am) To Roger: Yes. Thesis makes a difference only when you want to do research. Otherwise, its all the same.

Debejyo: (16 April 2007, 11.09 am) To Siddharth: Luck is the important criterion presently to get an RA or TA. The other valid criteria would be how you can approach a professor and convince him/her how he/she can gain by recruiting you. I do not know the situation about computer science, but its not very easy to get RA here because there are so many students. Regarding TA, you will need to take the TSE (test of spoken english). In other words, its hard to get funding, but not impossible.

Siddharth: (16 April 2007, 5.34 am) Hey hi,Im siddharth from chennai n I ve got an admit at SDSU in MS EE for fall 2007. There is a lot of funding for the computer science students ,but sadly ,I ve heard from many sources that that isnt the case with EE. However you r saying a few of your friends have been lucky in getting RA and TA etcc....So can u tell me what is the eligibility to get an RA , TA or funding or a tuition waiver???

rojers: (16 April 2007, 3.30 am) One more question, does a breakaway M.S (from a Phd), non - thesis option get any jobs...? Id he equally competitive inthe job market as a thesis fulltime M.S?

Debejyo: (21 March 2007, 11.28 am) Thanks for the feedback. Let me give you a thumb rule. No GRE score required means, you should not be applying there. I personally feel SDSU is the best among the state schools in california. Yes, an average student does get a job from SDSU because there is way too many jobs flying aroung in san diego.

rojers: (21 March 2007, 8.04 am) Also, since it looks like you were in SDSU for some time, I wanted to ask are the master\'s program\'s there..I read the stuff above in the faq, but seriously, does everyone (with decent performances) get placed in silicon valley?...I ask this because, I was thinkin of applying to San Jose state and they do not even rewuire the GRE general as a score requirement??!!!!?**!!!...AMAZINGG!

rojers: (21 March 2007, 8.00 am) Yes, very well organized, especially so as it is technical and precise in most places (like the course requirements relating to dsp faq above). Most senior grad pages are either just show - off pages / misleading and non technical...Thanks for all the help...! I hope to keep in touch...I have not applied to asu though, and USC is the only place I have got admission to till now!

Debejyo: (18 March 2007, 10.31 pm) 6 credits can cover any course (relevant) of your choice. You should check with the university where you are getting transferred to because sometimes they may accept 9 credits as well. So watch out. Just wanted to ask you, how you liked this page. Was the information on the page useful?

rojers: (18 March 2007, 9.53 pm) BTW, can six credits cover core courses?

rojers: (17 March 2007, 9.56 pm) No, you were right abt my situation...I have been admitted dothe doctoral program in EE.. Thanks a lot for the confidence and advice. I hope it works out.

Debejyo: (17 March 2007, 2.16 pm) I apologize for slightly misinterpreting your situation. Yes, it is true that you can transfer to any course with the consent of the department. In that case it is perfectly fine, and you can do MS with thesis. I thought you wanted to continue as a PhD student and then finish off my applying for provisional masters. Thats something I did not recommend. TRANSFER OF CREDITS work with all universities but you have limitations to how many credits (typically not more than 6) you can transfer.

rojers: (17 March 2007, 5.02 am) what are your plans? do you wish to work in industry or in academics?

rojers: (17 March 2007, 5.00 am) But the univ. handbook says you can transfer to any program with the approval of the chairman!....I am hoping...teh reason is , I am not a very research oriented guy....I was more interested in a pure master\'s, but cannot manage that as there is almost no funding anywhere. What about trying to transfer credits to UCLA / some other close by institute? does it work out with top universities...?

Debejyo: (16 March 2007, 10.50 am) Rojer: USC is a good university. Job prospects is going to be good for sure, its california after all!!! If you register for PhD, its a good idea to complete it and not just take masters. Once enrolled for PhD and if you don\'t complete, you will get Masters in passing (you can verify with your university if they have other rules) which does not give you credits for a thesis. Having a non-thesis masters, you may not be able to pursue PhD again in life. Your status will be at par with someone who took that degree because he/she did not failed his PhD qualifier. Personally, I don\'t want to be classified in that category. However, Masters in passing is presitigious and treated with equal weightage as a regular MS when you have a PhD degree as a continuation of the same curriculum as Masters in Passing is given to the ones who does not have a Masters and are doing PhD. Thats in fact is my currnet status. Good luck.

Rojers: (16 March 2007, 3.33 am) I have been offered Phd in E.E in USC. How good is this university? Any good job prospects for the grads from here? Also, I f i register for the Phd, can I have a break-away M.S after two years and seek employment in industry? Have you seen anyone do this?

carly simpkin: (28 February 2007, 1.44 pm) ds

carly: (28 February 2007, 1.38 pm) I wont a ds

Debejyo: (26 January 2007, 1.06 am) Richard, there is nothing like a standard SOP. Its generally customised to the university you are applying. You need to lay stress on the facts that why you want to do what you are applying for and why did you choose this university and so on. As and instrumentation candidate, if you are doing digital signal processing for ex, you say things like you have had the course and it interests you (be impressive and not this stale!!!) and so on. If you have any more doubts, please post messeges. Actually its not legal for me to give out SOPs. Thats why I have not prepared one.

Richard: (18 January 2007, 1.51 am) Please provide me some sample SOP for instrumentation and Electrical Engineering. You can email the same on Thanks

raghavendra: (8 December 2006, 11.22 pm) i am applying to ohio univ .but i am finding it very difficult to get a a good sop.please give me your sop or kindly mail at .kindly help me.

Debejyo: (4 December 2006, 2.53 am) Also remember for the visa interview, that bank loans are accepted sources of money. you should highlight that if you are taking one. just remember to have your load sanction letter (stating the amount) ready to show at the visa interview.

Debejyo: (4 December 2006, 2.48 am) I\'ll try to post a SOP as soon as i figure out a neutral one. or atleast, give some guidlines about them. regarding financial statements, if you dont have the cash to show, bank statements help. if you are showing cash, be ready to answer questions about from where you got that and the person sponsoring should have tax papers to support the kind of income you are showing the savings for. you can take a look at the CA statements to get an idea about it.

swati: (4 December 2006, 2.44 am) could ya put up a sample sop? its gonna help. wat did ya do fr ur financiall statement

Debejyo: (15 August 2006, 3.57 pm) Hi, you can do your MS in any of the chosen specializations in the electrical engineering department. however, if you have distinct potential in other branches like mechanical or computer science, you can pursue MS there as well. generally, electrical is the stream for instrumentation guys. here, there are not as many departments as we experience in india, but electrical cover all the departments like intrumentation, communication, electrical, electronics and so on... (Please include your name when messaging)

Anonymous: (12 August 2006, 11.16 am) i n from elex and instrumentation engg. in which trade should i do my m.s?

pirai: (27 July 2006, 8.20 pm) can u explain RA TA GA in further detail. ( 50% and 25% FTE )

Debejyo: (18 July 2006, 1.46 am) In a GA, you can expect any kind of work, starting from a web developer to personal secretary of some professor. They are available in various departments like English, Nursing and so on. Basically you would be agreeing to assisst the department in a way they need you to. GA does not fetch you any credit towards your course work, but it does offer you a tution waiver. In that manner, its worth the work. Its relatively easier to get as your academics do not always play the major role and it is obtained on first -come-first-serve basis.

Siddhartha: (17 July 2006, 9.25 pm) Debejyo, what exactly do students do in a GA?

Abhinav: (14 July 2006, 8.08 am) Really useful info...thanks...

Debejyo: (14 July 2006, 2.24 am) Guys, I am looking for a roommate. We have the best apartment around this area and is closest to the college. LEMME KNOW IF YOU ARE INTERESTED.

Debejyo: (13 July 2006, 9.20 pm) Sanket, GPA is based on class performance, indeed. That grade I mentioned (\"A\", \"B\",...) are given based on class performance. Its not absolute scoring. GPA is then calculated based on the grade. GA is relatively easier to get. \"level of difficulty\" is not applicable for GA. GA, TA and RA give you full tution waiver and pays for your health as well. Financially its almost the same for MS. If you are PhD, RA (I think, also TA) increases with seniority. Its true that students in the 1st sem do not generally get an RA because the Prof needs to see your performance in school. Its merrit based. GA is not merrit based and is on a first-com-first-serve basis.

Sanket Joshi: (13 July 2006, 9.05 pm) sanketjoshi9@hotmail.comHi Debejyo,I am for CS fall 2006. you are doing a great job.Your GPA FAQ states that GPA is not based on a percentile system, where your GPA is measured relatibe to the performance of other students. thats nice. i had some misconception about GPA, now I have better view of \'what is GPA\', thanks to you.Looking at your profile, you indeed have done a great Research in your field of interest. However,I have heard that especially in ASU, there are more number of GA positions than RA. How do you rate GA vs RA, in terms of stipend, difficulty level, availability(..I heard that RA is not possible for the first semester).

Sameer: (13 July 2006, 5.13 pm) Keep it up dude you are doing a gr8 job!!!!

Debejyo: (13 July 2006, 10.45 am) Hi Nikhil, the right person to contact would be Darleen Mandt ( she is the official person for EE graduate. verify with her. Regarding choosing the courses, you can have tentative courses chosen. later you can change. I never did it from India, still i never missed on any. Dont worry, you wont have much problems regarding changing courses. Good luck.

harsh kapoor: (13 July 2006, 5.09 am) Thankx man...really appreciate dis...

Nikhil: (13 July 2006, 1.27 am) Hi Debejyo,I have been admitted for MSE in EE at ASU for Fall 2006. You have said that a student is allowed to take a max of 12 credits from undergraduate courses. I wanted to know what will happen if I take more than 12 credits? Actually, I want to take FOUR 400 level courses over the 1st 2 semesters but they add up to 13 credits. Is it possible for me to still take these 4 courses?Thanks and regards,Nikhil Guptae-mail:

Lakshminarayan(Viju): (12 July 2006, 11.33 am) Good work. posted tihs on the ASU fall admits community.......

Lakshminarayan(Viju): (12 July 2006, 11.33 am) Good work. posted tihs on the ASU fall admits community.......

bhavna: (12 July 2006, 10.57 am) is this ur personal chat page??!!

kasun: (12 July 2006, 10.35 am) junk fellow

Shikha: (12 July 2006, 1.21 am) Good initiative Debejyo.. I wil route my frnds here..Email ID..

bhavana(current student): (11 July 2006, 10.52 pm) good work,.. i\'ll give this link to all query ppl

Debejyo: (11 July 2006, 10.49 pm) It would be nice of you guys to leave your emails when you post message for the first time at least.

Debejyo: (11 July 2006, 10.38 pm) Welcome and post your comments here. Please be honest with your name.


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